• General
    • What is yoga?
      We can give you a simple answer which could be used as a starting point. Yoga classically is an ancient discipline made up of eight branches or limbs, three of which we actively practice at YogaOne in the studio: asana (postures), pranayama (yogic breathing) and meditation, although we are practicing all of the 8 limbs all of the time. You probably think of postures (asanas) when you think of yoga, we’d like you to think of the breath too! Yoga literally means union, as in the union of the mind, the body and the spirit. The name YogaOne is derived from the concept of mind, body and spirit as one and of our interconnectedness to everything. To learn more about yoga as a discipline, a good place to start is Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar. The best place to learn what yoga is, is on the mat.
    • What are the benefits of yoga? Why do yoga instead of something else?
      The benefits of yoga have been well-studied and are numerous. The most immediate and obvious benefits of continuous practice in YogaOne’s yoga classes are weight loss, increased metabolism, increased flexibility, detoxification/cleansing of the body and the mind, increased stamina and cardiovascular fitness, improved balance, improved posture, increased focus, deeper relaxation and better sleep. For centuries yogis have also reported experiencing relief from chronic pain, an enhanced immune and nervous system response, and overall improvement of the general health of the mind and body. Yoga is a complete discipline, so that if you only practiced yoga, you would still get a complete and comprehensive workout of all parts of the body.

      Yoga is unique because it provides all of these benefits while remaining a “low to no impact” form of exercise. That is, yoga does not generally cause repetitive stress injuries like many other forms of exercise like running, aerobics, cycling, basketball, baseball, football, soccer, weight-lifting, etc.). In fact, many yogis have experienced that yoga helps them avoid or overcome such injuries through regular practice, strengthening the joints and connective tissue in preparation for, and also speeding the recovery from, such activities. For that reason, it is a perfect complement to these and other activities, and many of YogaOne’s students use yoga as a complement to their other activities and sports while others practice yoga exclusively. Of course, one can be injured in yoga and so this is why it is important to work within your limitations and consider yoga a lifetime practice and a journey to be savored with slow, appreciable changes to the mind, body and spirit over time.
    • Why is Hot Yoga done in a heated room?
      We find that a heated room warms the body and allows for deeper relaxation, greater flexibility, and increased detoxification/cleansing. We also really like sweating. In general, it also provides a better workout and burns additional calories than an unheated class. Our students also like it hot. We rely on humidity as well as direct heat so that we do not have to have extremely high temperatures to achieve the benefits of a heated room. We have created a custom heating and humidification system (HVAC) for these purposes. Note: not all of our classes are hot, only the ones that say “Hot” in the name, but none of our classes are held at ”room temperature” like you might find in a gym. The Forrest Yoga and Flow classes could be accurately described as warm.
    • I am not very flexible and I have poor balance. Can I do yoga?
      Of course! Increased flexibility and greater balance is a benefit of yoga, not a pre-requisite for starting. We often hear "Oh, I can't do yoga, I can't even touch my toes." Our answer is, yes you can, just bend your knees. Yoga is for EVERYONE.
    • I am injured/physically challenged/ill/out of shape, can I still do yoga?
      Our yoga classes are intended to allow everyone to practice, with some modifications, and yoga is known to heal injuries and aid in weight loss and conditioning. The benefits of yoga are too numerous to list here. Generally, your body will tell you where your limits are. You should listen to your body. You still derive benefit no matter how deeply you get into a posture, so you should not feel as though you have to do the posture “as well as” or “like” the next person, because every person’s body is different. We’d like to take the comparing out of the practice completely. We believe that wherever you are in your practice is beautiful and exactly where you are supposed to be, even as you work to open up more. There is no perfect posture, and even the best yogis can still benefit from some adjustment. Yoga is a discipline and a practice, not a competition. However, before beginning any exercise regimen, including yoga, you should consult with and obtain the approval of your physician.
    • I am a Christian/Muslim/Hindu/Buddhist/Sufi/Etc. Is yoga contrary to my religion? Is yoga a religion?
      Absolutely not. First, yoga is not a religion, it is a discipline, not unlike martial arts in a way. Yoga is essentially a form of active meditation (you might call it exercise) and many people find that it helps them to relax and quiet their minds and actually deepens their understanding of whatever religious philosophy they espouse (if any), because a quiet mind is ready to receive knowledge. It is up to you to set your own intention before each class. Some people come to yoga for the physical fitness aspect, some seek balance, some seek flexibility, some seek to lose weight and some come for the calming benefits and are more drawn to the meditative aspects of yoga. Our yoga classes do all of this, and all of these reasons are great reasons for coming. YogaOne’s classes allow you to decide what you want to get out of the class. The wonderful thing about yoga is that you do not have to believe in its benefits to receive them; they happen anyway.
  • Practice
    • I tried X kind of yoga and they do this or that posture differently. Who is right?
      Yoga is an ancient tradition with modern offshoots. There are as many variations of it (and indeed as many variations of a single asana (posture)) as there are limbs on a very old tree. There is no right version or wrong version, just different versions of postures. The only wrong way is a way that is likely to lead to injury. Some teachers try to stick very close to the classic ways of practicing yoga and recently there have been a number of updated variations on these classic branches of yoga. However, they are all yoga and we try not to judge other teachers, studios, or methods. At YogaOne, we try to combine the classical with the modern to get the benefits of both. Generally, many of our postures have roots in the ancient tradition and perhaps in some cases, haven’t changed much at all. Remember, thousands of years ago, yoga was traditionally practiced by holy men in caves and, so, some of the ancient practices need modification for the world we live in today.
    • Will I ever be able to do that pose that so-and-so does?
      Eventually, maybe, but it all depends upon how long, how consistenly, and how hard you practice. Maybe it is 5 weeks or 5 months or 5 years away. Moreover, it isn’t beneficial to compare yourself to others in the class. Every person’s body is different and yoga isn’t about competition, it is about being disciplined in your practice, listening to the dialogue and doing the best you can do for that day. Struggling to get into a posture isn’t beneficial. Learning to work without struggle is. If you’ve done that, you will receive 100% of the benefits of yoga.
  • Our Studios
    • Where are you located? What times are your classes? What are the rates? If I buy a package at one studio, can I use it at another studio.
      We have 6 locations. You can use your memberships/class packages at ANY STUDIO, regardless of where you purchased it.

      Our Midtown studio is located at 3030 Travis Street, Suite E, Houston, Texas 77006, and is very near downtown and Montrose with easy access to and from 59, 288, I-45 and I-10. The studio has ample parking and a brand new, custom designed generous studio space with locker rooms and showers. Class schedules were designed with the working person in mind, with classes before work, at lunch and after work, to suit your needs. We also have several classes for those students who can only get away for a class during the workday/schoolday.

      Our Galleria/Uptown Studio is located at 5750 Woodway (near Chimney Rock in the parking lot with Le Peep) and just outside the 610 Loop near Memorial Park. For maps, click here. For a class schedule, click here.

      Our Bellaire studio is located at 5427 Bellaire Blvd, Bellaire, Texas 77041 and is just outside the I-610 Loop South near Bellaire Blvd and Chimney Rock. This is studio has abundant lot parking.

      Our Pearland studio is located at 2810 Business Center Dr, Pearland, TX, 77584 in a modern, outdoor shopping center with plentiful lot parking.

      Our Heights Studio is located at 548 W. 19th Street. The studio has plentiful on-site lot parking and adjacent street parking.

      Our Kingwood Studio is located at 2525 Green Oak Dr., Kingwood, TX, 77339. The studio has plentiful on-site lot parking.

      A NOTE ON MIDTOWN STUDIO PARKING: With our recent expansion and new neighbors in our shopping center, parking has gotten tighter. There is surface lot parking on ALL THREE sides of the studio: front, side and back as well as street parking after 6pm on Travis and Milam. In addition, our shopping center has an agreement with HCC for the use of their parking garage at the corner of Travis and Elgin (which is monitored by security). If you live close, consider riding your bike. You can bring it inside. Please pay attention to the parking signs and please allow a little extra time for parking. The class schedule has been structured so that spaces should open up from people leaving class just before your class begins, but it might not always work out perfectly that way. Breathe deeply and start your yoga practice while you cultivate patience in this regard. As with anywhere in Houston, please never leave any valuables (or anything that looks valuable like a briefcase or purse) in your car. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. However, we do have lockers for your use in the locker rooms. You can bring your own lock or borrow one.

      Check out the map below.YogaOne Midtown Parking Map
    • How “green” is your business?
      Our studio flooring is 100% real bamboo harvested from certified, sustainable sources. We used only no-VOC (non-toxic) paints and finishes and we clean the studio with non-toxic, plant-based cleaning products. Our lighting is 100% CFL/LED lighting. We recycle and encourage students to bring their own water and towels to class and to ride their bikes to class if possible. We use as little paper as possible and are striving to use less all the time.
    • Do you hire teachers?
      YogaOne seeks qualified teachers who excel in their field on a case-by-case basis as our needs dictate. Please contact us to discuss your background and experience. However, our first loyalty goes to our current teachers and recent trainee graduates.