January 20, 2017 - December 08, 2017
Enjoy an hour and a half inversion based practice once a month at YogaOne Midtown. The class is designed for all levels as the instruction will be differentiated based on ability. For example, if you are new to inversions and are working on crow pose, you would focus on strengthening poses to do crow pose. If you already have a crow practice you would then be instructed to work on transitions involving crow pose such as crow to tripod headstand, crow to handstand, etc.

In 2017 we are adding in assistants so you get tips and tricks from not only Davina but also from other teachers who have a strong inversion practice.

Location: YogaOne Midtown
Time: 6:30pm – 8pm
Teacher: Davina & Assistants

o $160 for 12 sessions (yearly pass which is only available through the end of January)
o $20 Drop-in per Session

2017 DATES:
o January 20th
o February 17th
o March 10th
o April 21nd
o May 19th
o June 16th
o July 7th  **Special Edition with Carson Clay Calhoun
o August 18th
o September 15th
o October 13th
o November 10th
o December 8th