Please Do (Niyamas)...
  • Hydrate
    Hydrate, before, during and after class. Come to class fully hydrated and drink lots of water after class to replenish lost fluids from your yoga practice. Did we mention HYDRATE? In Hot Yoga, you can sweat up to a liter and a half of water (that’s a couple of pounds of water weight) in a class and it needs replacement. So drink lots of water BEFORE you come to class and as needed during class. Then go ahead and drink some more.
  • Bring Water
    Bring your water bottles (at least one liter) to class. (You can bring your own or purchase water at the reception). In Hot Yoga, the teacher will tell you when water breaks are during the class. We encourage you to bring your own refillable, reusable water bottle.
  • Be Respectful
    Be quiet and respectful of others in the yoga room. Our lobby and locker areas are meant to be places of social interaction and connection, please stay as long as you want. However the yoga room is intended to be a quiet place before class, so please enter and leave quietly. If you talk before class (which is fine), speak in a whisper. Clean your yoga mats and undo your mat from your velcro OUTSIDE the yoga room and quietly roll out your mat. How you enter and leave the yoga room is part of your practice. Shoes, phones and keys stay OUTSIDE the yoga room always.
  • Wear Comfortable Clothing
    Shorts, leggings, t-shirts, tank tops, sport bras, bathing suits, etc. Men usually wear shorts and t-shirts or go shirtless. Remember, it is hot in the Hot Yoga room and quite warm in the other practice rooms as the body creates heat in yoga practice. Cotton clothing tends to absorb sweat and may seem uncomfortable.
  • Bring Your Gear
    Bring your own mat and towel (or yoga rug) or you can rent a yoga mat and a towel at the reception. The yoga towel goes over the sticky yoga mat. Some people bring a beach towel to use in place of a yoga towel or rug. YogaOne sells mats and towels.
  • Focus Inside
    If there are mirrors, focus on your own reflection in the mirror and direct your mind within. Leave the outside world thoughts outside the yoga room and rest your mind (i.e., focus it on your yoga practice and your breathing). Learn to love your sweat rather than constantly wiping. Wiping causes you to sweat more. Your sweat is your body working to keep you cool. Embrace it.
  • Finish
    Stay in the room for the duration of the entire class. Come down into child’s pose or savasana if you need to rest, and please try not to leave the room except in cases of illness or other real emergency. The intention is to keep everyone focused and in the present and to allow your body to acclimate to practicing whether in a heated room or not.
  • Be On Time
    Be on time out of respect for your teacher, fellow students and their yoga experience. It is disruptive to have students entering after the start of class. At certain class times, we lock the doors to the studio at the start of class. Ideally, you will come 10 minutes early. If this is your first class, please come 15 minutes early. Please sign in at the reception. Our classes are often full and being late may prevent you from having a space in class, whereas being on time virtually guarantees you a space in class.
  • Be Friendly and Connect!
    Talk to your fellow yogis/yoginis. This is your community. You can pop in and just take a yoga class, sure, and yoga is about connection, union and YogaOne believes strongly in community. Smile, introduce yourself, say hello to others. You will be surprised how this will shift your perspective on class and enhance your community by participating in it.
Please Avoid (Yamas)...
  • Bringing the Outside In
    Please keep your cell phone, iphone, smart phone or pagers out of the classroom. If (and only if) you are an emergency medical personnel, put your pager or phone on vibrate and place them under the corner of your yoga mat. Otherwise, please try to keep yoga as a time just for you.
  • Wearing Shoes/Socks
    Yoga is done barefoot. We have lockers and cubbyholes to store your socks and shoes until after class, so please keep them outside at all times.
  • Wearing Perfumes
    Please refrain from wearing perfume or scented lotions or oils. Some of your fellow yogis may be sensitive to these smells.
  • Distractions
    Please follow the instructions your teacher gives you. Unless invited by your teacher, save your questions and comments for after class. We will be more than happy to answer all your questions before or after class.
  • Coming Late / Leaving Early
    A yoga class is like a bubble. People coming in and out disrupts that energy. If you know you are going to leave early, please tell the teacher in advance. If you are tired or out of breath, lay down on your mat, the whole class if necessary. Just being in the room and breathing allows you to experience the energy. Bit by bit, you will experience shifts in your body, your breath, your mind and your life.
  • Talking in the Yoga Room
    Our lobby, reception, hallways, and locker rooms are social areas to meet and talk with the YogaOne instructors and your fellow yogis, and we encourage you to do so. The yoga room on the other hand is a place for focus and meditation, so please be quiet and respect the space of your fellow yogis. The yoga room is a quiet space. If you arrive early, rather than sitting around, picking your toes and staring at the ceiling, consider closing your eyes and breathing (and in flow/forrest classes adding wrist stretches). Your practice begins when you walk in the door to the room.
  • Worrying
    Be happy!