• Hot Yoga
    60 or 90 minutes
    This is the core Hot yoga class at YogaOne. It is YogaOne’s hatha yoga sequence practiced in a hot room in order to allow the body to warm up quickly to deepen the practice and to maximize the detoxifying, cleansing nature of the postures in the series. This sequence embodies a diverse range of yoga styles and provides a full workout for the entire body, leaving the student physically challenged and invigorated. There are brief resting postures between the standing poses and water breaks. This class is for beginners through advanced students. Hot, 102-105 degrees F, 50-60% humidity. (BEGINNER FRIENDLY) Note: Hot 60 classes do not have timed water breaks. Please come fully hydrated. SONIC Hot is the Hot 60 or Hot 90 sequence paired with an uplifting playlist. Sonic Hot is best suited to students with prior Hot Yoga experience at YogaOne as there is minimal instruction from the instructor, allowing the students a unique, internal experience.
  • Flow Yoga (aka Vinyasa Flow)
    60, 75 or 90 minutes
    This is a more active class inspired by Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga (and other yoga styles depending upon the instructor) with continuous movement from one posture to the next. Vinyasa literally means “to link”; postures are connected one to the next with breath linked to all movement. Flow Yoga compliments our Hot Yoga classes, especially for students interested in deepening their practice and building core and upper body strength. While some previous yoga experience is generally recommended for Flow Yoga classes, all classes are all levels.  Warm, but not hot, 80-85 degrees F. We encourage beginners to try our Foundations of Flow classes, offered at several of our YogaOne Studios locations. (ALL LEVELS)
  • Forrest Yoga
    60 or 90 minutes
    Forrest Yoga uses intense pose sequences, compassionately taught, to develop skills in awakening each of the senses. It teaches you to bring aliveness, using breath, into every cell of your body, igniting your passion for living. You will sweat, gain strength, release tension, and breathe much better after experiencing a Forrest Yoga class.  Warm, but not hot, 85-90 degrees. (ALL LEVELS)
  • Restore
    60 minutes
    This slow paced practice unwinds and opens the body using bolsters, blocks and other supports to enhance the restorative experience. Intended for all students and beginner friendly, our Restore classes are especially popular with athletes, weekend warriors and students who typically practice more vigorous styles of yoga. Restore classes may lead to improved recovery time and enhanced performance as the body is nourished with rest, support, and ease in stretching. Restore is also beneficial to non-athletes desiring a slower, deeper practice to renew oneself for health and peace in daily life. (ALL LEVELS)
  • Mindfullness and Meditation
    60 minutes
    The idea of seated meditation can be intimidating, and this is completely unnecessary. We know scientifically that there are enormous mental and physical benefits from consistently practicing meditation. Mindfulness and Meditation classes at YogaOne are intended to be easily accessible to all experience levels.  Through this class you will deepen your experience and understanding of yoga, hone concentration, alleviate stress and cultivate the benevolent qualities of your mind through mindfulness and meditation practices. You might even have fun. Classes include some discussion and a short guided meditation or mindfulness practice.
  • Warm 60
    This is our YogaOne Hot 60 sequence done in a lower temperature (90-94 degrees as opposed to 102-105 degrees). This class is great for those who want to ease their way into Hot Yoga classes or just prefer a lower temperature. This class is very beginner friendly.
  • Yin
    Yin yoga is a quiet, contemplative practice of surrendering.  Bypassing muscles, Yin yoga taps into the connective tissues of the hips, thighs, pelvis and lower spine to overall increase vitality of the body and breath.  Poses are held for 3-5 minutes, offering a perfect balance to a powerful "yang" lifestyle.  All levels are welcome.
  • Vin-Yin
    This all-levels class showcases the best of both worlds by cultivating a balance between effort and ease.  Students will first build heat and gain strength through an active vinyasa sequence (yang).   It will then shift into Yin yoga, a more subtle and contemplative practice of awareness and stillness.   Yin yoga poses are held 3-5 minutes and tap into connective tissues and joints.  Students will leave the class empowered, balanced and blissed-out!
  • Hot Core Explosion
    Hot Core Explosion combines the elements of yoga and interval training, cardio and muscle toning with weights in a heated room (95F with 40% humidity) with energetic music. The high intensity interval training keeps your heart rate up, helping you burn fat. The yoga principles sculpt your body, creating long lean muscles. The weights build muscle and add toning.  The heat warms up your muscles quickly, and the humidity makes you sweat — elevating your heart rate, boosting metabolism, and promoting detoxification. Hot Core Explosion creates a stronger core, improves circulation, and increases flexibility. This class is appropriate for beginners to advanced students. Bring a mat, towel and a minimum of 1 liter of water, no shoes. This is NOT a yoga class.