We LOVE beginners and we have classes suitable for beginners every day. We encourage true beginners to start in our Hot/Warm 60 or Foundations classes. The Hot classes are hot and they are challenging and will give you a vigorous workout, and they are slow paced and allow for students to have time to get deeper into the posture with very specific instructions from the teachers. The Foundations for Flow classes are not hot and are designed specifically for beginners. For more detailed class descriptions, click here.

Please bring a mat, large towel and water (at least 1 liter) to class and please read our etiquette page before taking your first class. If you are new, just pick a class to attend and show up 15 minutes before class to fill out our paperwork, or you can do it online here. New students living in Houston can take advantage of our 30 Days for $30 special which is a 30-day yoga pass for just $30 (come to all the regularly scheduled yoga classes you want during that initial 30-day period for a one-time fee of $30). To help you continue on your yoga journey, we have auto pay membership offer at $79/month if you sign up during the initial 30 day/$30 period (after 30 days auto pay membership is $99/mo). Whenever you start is the right time for you. We look forward to seeing you on the mat!

By the way, our studio flooring is 100% real bamboo harvested from certified, sustainable sources.  We used no-VOC (non-toxic) paints and finishes and we clean the studio with non-toxic, plant-based cleaning products. Our lighting is 100% CFL/LED lighting. We recycle and encourage students to bring their own water and towels to class. We support local businesses and local artists whenever possible and we donate both in cash and in-kind often to local, national and international charities, including In-Powered by One Significant Act, which was co-founded here at YogaOne and the Africa Yoga Project, for which several of our teachers are Ambassadors.  We believe in karma.  We love our students and listen to their feedback. Our students and teachers are our community and our life force.  We are evolving with love and loving to evolve. Please let us know how we’re doing and how you’re doing. Yoga is a lifelong process. Just show up and you are already 90% of the way there. We do not believe that anyone should be precluded from yoga due to financial constraints.  If you have a special issue in this area, please contact it to discuss it.)


Roger + Albina Rippy, Owners of YogaOne Studios